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Monday, November 29, 2010

Indian Embroidery Video tutorials

Hi everyone,
Iam back again after a small lull. The days are passing by so fast and my stitching has been reduced to almost zero. Yesterday - I managed to get my right hand index and middle fingers cut(barely escaped from getting chopped off completely) in a running mixer/blender.Don't ask me how. It just happened and Iam not even able to explain.

An hour after that, we were trying to chase away a huge (and I mean HUGE,probably the leader of the pack) monkey from our hall.There were four of us - producing different sounds (shoo,choo,boo,eeee..) and he was standing there looking at us as if he had come to a zoo and watching human monkeys in action.After a bit of effort from our side,he left as coolly as he had come. Five minutes later, we heard someone screaming 'GET OUT' from a nearby apartment. My BIL then remarked, had we known that he knew English we could've just told him to 'please go away' rather than making all those sounds!!!
Well, the injury has put on hold my stitching for a few more days,but I do hope to pick it up slowly atleast towards the end of this week.

So, if no stitching,why Iam writing this post?

The answer is ,to lead you to a bunch of videos on Indian embroidery!! :)
Couple of days back when Sarita Jakhere mailed me a link to a video about chikan work,I was curious. I went over and had a look - and then, just couldn't stop looking for some time . Starting from stitch 1- Janjira motif of chickankari , Mridula's school of embroidery has uploaded about 203 videos covering not only Chikan work,but other Indian embroidery methods like Phulkari, Kantha, Kutch, Kashmiri, Kasuti etc. Additionally there are plenty of freestyle embroidery stitch videos too. So, girls, if you want to see Indian embroidery in action go and have a look.

Mridula Nagarajan is well known across South India for her embroidery classes run through the Mridulas school of embroidery and fashion design for over 30 years. And it is not often that we get to see videos of Indian embroidery methods posted by the master herself. Here's the link to the complete list of video tutorials by Mridula's School. Thank you Sarita, for this great piece of information.
Hope you all enjoy watching and learning from the tutorials,

Update Feb 8th 2012 : The videos listed in the link above have been removed by the owners. So the links may not work. Will keep you posted in case there are some new videos uploaded.

Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Free Brazilian embroidery designs with instructions

Hi everyone,
You all must be busy with Christmas preparations,right? For us here in India, all the major festivals for the year are over. Now awaiting Xmas holidays and the new year :)
Since many of you may be stitching up some little gifts for your near and dear ones, I thought of sharing some free brazilian embroidery patterns available here and there.
Here is the link to free designs with instructions at BDEIG site. I've posted this link before,but since some new designs have been shared there, I thought I'll remind you once again.

Brazilian embroidery is stitched with Z twist Rayon threads. If the same stitches are executed with cotton threads (stranded or perle cotton) they do not classify as Brazilian. Instead, it is known by the name dimensional embroidery. If you want to know more about rayon threads, I've posted a two part article here at All about BE threads-1 and All about BE threads-2

For those stitching Christmas based patterns like the one above ,country bumpkin has shared a few patterns from the book A-Z of Bullions. The patterns use bullion stitch predominantly and so can be adapted for Brazilian embroidery. Click here to see the patterns.

While you're there, check out the free magic mushrooms stump work design too.

There's another free BE heart pattern at

And over at Threads In Bloom,Sharon is offering a free Brazilian embroidery design, Blowin' in the wind.

Iam at present trying to finish the preliminary work of my Schwalm project so that I can start the actual pulled thread stitching soon. Will soon post about its progress. Because of my system crash, and because of the old age of my present computer, my internet time is severly restricted. I do visit many blogs and bloggers who are dear to me and do try to leave comments as much as possible. If some of you feel that I've ignored you, please, it is not intentional. I would also like to point out that in some cases, I've tried to visit back or leave comment,but either the blogger settings of those blogs have not been set correctly or your profile has not been shared. So in case you're wondering why you're not receiving as many comments or visits , please check your settings and enable your profile for all of us to get in touch with you.

I hope you'll make use of these free patterns I've shared here.

Love, luck and sunshine,

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Golden showers-a mini Brazilian embroidery tutorial

Why is this post called a mini tutorial ? and why not a proper complete tutorial ?
Because, I've not posted pictures of how the stitches are done. Our laptop has passed away after long illness and I'm sitting in front of the desktop who's counting his days :(
Since many of my fellow bloggers where eager to know how the golden shower was stitched, I'll give you a teeny weeny how to .Here goes..

The Design : - Golden showers
Designer :- Me,only me ;)
Inspiration :- The pics below and of course, the state flower challenge at the BDEIG online group

The threads : Lola for the petals and stem and Iris for the center
The stitched pattern : You can view the bunch of flowers here and the individual flower here

The instructions for the flower :
Have a look at the sketch below. The center of the flower is a small circle and each petal starts from a small straight stitch at the center. I've shown the straight stitches with the broken lines around the center circle. This straight stitch is the foundation for the detached buttonhole stitches.

Make 2 stitches from left to right on the foundation, then 3 over it from right to left and increase to and fro according to the sequence in the pic above.At the tip,you can either opt to go down the fabric (that'll tack down the petals) or you can weave the thread through the back of the petal to come back to the center and then go down.You don't have to draw the petals,that's just for reference here.

I'll try and explain how the bud and the calyx is stitched. The calyx( small arrow) is made up of three lazy daisy stitches and the bud is made up of two petals woven together with yellow and then green. If you look carefully,you can see the light green on top of the bud.

I'm aware that the explanation is more verbal than pictorial,but there are plenty of detached buttonhole and drizzle stitch tutorials around the web and I find it unnecessary to simply keep on repeating the tutorials again and again. For first timers, here's a list of video tutorials from needle'nthread .

That's it for now,
Love,luck and sunshine,