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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Busy with end semester classes,but here are some links for you

Hi everyone,

Iam busy stuffing computer science lessons into the heads of my students.The sem is ending next week after which I'll post the remaining blocks of the bedlinen.Its nearly complete!!

Meanwhile I thought I'll give you the links of some very interesting tutorials/patterns I've found - some are good especially for beginners.

Over at TaDA creations there's a nice tutorial for ''want to learn how to embroider by hand and make your own embroidery pattern?" . Angel explains how she adapted a pattern from a greeting card and embroidered it.

Next we go on to sew mama sew where Jennifer has posted a tutorial for making envelopes with fabric. Do check it out. Its a totally new idea to me.

At there's going to be a free 'sentiment' posted on the 1st of every month this year. These can be put together to make a pocket quilt or traditional quilt. Do go and check out "A sentimental journey through the months"

In case you've a lot of fabric scraps lying around, you can try making placemats out of those. Here's the tutorial.

How about making jeans for your toddlers that too from old jeans!!! Here's the link .

Well, I hope these links will keep you busy for some time at least...Iam off to finish my chores...bye,bye..

Love,luck and sunshine,

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tutorial : Fur stitch - Can I call it my own?

Don't google this stitch name - you may not have any success :)

Coz, Iam the one who came up with the name.

After I attempted this particular stitch, I did try looking around with various keywords, but met with zero success.May be one of you could help me out. Do leave a comment or mail me if you know the stitch name,otherwise from today on it'll be Deepa's very own fur stitch ;)

The credit for this stitch goes to one of my friends, Nisha, who had come to learn BE. She told me about a corded stitch used for filling strawberries.This method is infact Raised chain band/raised chain stitch

The above pic is of couple of petals filled in with that method.I changed the method a bit and came up with Fur stitch.The texture of both the stitches are different. Raised chain band gives a flat texture,while Fur stitch gives texture.

I'll now show you the new block on the bedlinen with the new stitch. Ta..da..da.. here it is

Looks different ,right? Or is it my short sight? The tiny red roses are stitched with Chain Stitch using this tutorial of mine.

At the first sight, it resembled teddy bear's fur.Infact, that was my first reaction when I glanced at the completed flower - ha, I could use this for filling up a teddy bear.Not sure how practical it would be, especially for large teddy bears.

Whether my own or not, here's the step by step tutorial for Fur Stitch.

Step 1 : Make straight stitches across the area to be filled up.In this stitch we make horizontal bars and fill it up vertically.

Step 2 : Come up at the top. By top I mean the bar/cord near the center of the flower. Instead of coming up directly at the top , I took a small stitch in between and then brought the thread up. You can see the stitch just above the third cord from the bottom. Make sure the needle doesn't pierce any of the cords when you do this.

Step 3 : The first knot : Insert the needle under the cord, without piercing the fabric. Keep the the thread under the needle (similar to detached buttonhole) and pull to form the first knot.

You'll get a knot as shown in the pic below :

Step 4 : The second knot : Now insert the needle in the reverse ( from top to bottom) at the same place,in the same manner with the thread under the needle to form the second knot.
Note : I've not shown the thread under the needle in the pic.But it has to be done.

Step 5 : After completing both the knots on the same cord (see the image just above), go under next bar without piercing the fabric.

The above pic is of Step 5. I've made three knots and have taken the thread under the fourth cord .

Repeat from Step 3 onwards to cover one vertical line. As you complete the knot at the last cord, go down and then come up again at the top.

Here's a close up of the furry beauty.

So that's it. I hope I've contributed something good enough for all of you try out in the coming days. By the way, one more block of the embroidered bedlinen is done. I've already completed another of the smaller blocks and have started one of the largest flowers . The pics are reserved for the next post :)

Here's the complete list of all the links related to this project of mine .
Embroidered Bedlinen - A study of filling techniques in Hand Embroidery

Love,luck and sunshine,