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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reader's Embroidery - Peacock Feather

One of my good friends , Mahalakshmi, mailed me the pictures of an embroidered peacock feather. Here it is...

I've left the picture large enough for you to click on it and enjoy the view :) She has not used any fancy threads - just simple cotton strands. But the color selection is perfect, don't you think? The stitches used are the every day ones - stem stitch and blanket stitch . Do click on the pic for the close up view. I love the way those lines curl.So natural. Lovely work, Mahalakshmi .

Love,luck and sunshine,

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Embroidered bed linen - Ceylon stitch, Detached blanket stitch,Open fishbone stitch

Here are the answers to the guess the stitches post.

I've used Ceylon stitch for the top flower. I had to use Anchor perle cotton for this one since I found the stranded threads a bit difficult. That's why the heavy look. Ceylon stitch is best done with perle cotton type of threads ( those which cannot be split) .

Since the bottom flower was more opened out repeating Ceylon stitch didn't seem suitable . And so attempted the detached buttonhole/blanket stitch with outline stitch . It doesn't look bad, does it?

The stem is filled with stem stitch. In BE this method of filling is called heavy stem stitch.

The leaves are made up of Open fishbone stitch. OFB is slightly different from the regular fishbone stitch. Check out this link for the stitch method.

Ok, that's all for now. Most of you may be busy with Christmas preparations. This is the time when the generosity in blogger's world increases ten manifold. So many free patterns and tutorials have been posted all around the blogs. Last year, I had decided that I would send out handmade cards to all my friends. But its almost mid December and Iam yet to start. :(

Love,luck and sunshine,

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Guess the stitches :)

Another block coming up...

I used a not so frequently used stitch for one of the flowers.The stitch on the other flower should be easily recognizable. Can you guess the stitches used? I'll update this post with the answers once I get some inputs from you ;)

Name the stitches used in this block for the flowers,stem and leaves.

Happy guessing!!!


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Have you been waiting for this? - Full view of Embroidered bed linen

Well, last time I did say that I'll post the full view of the embroidered bedlinen. All this while I was contemplating whether to keep my word - or to just continue showing the blocks and then produce the final output. Finally I decided to keep my word :)
So, ladies and... ladies (no gentlemen, I guess) here's the first full view of the embroidered bedlinen.

Click on the image for a better view. Apologies for the wrinkled state,but you know the reason,right?
For those who came in late, you can find the links related to the Embroidered Bedlinen project here.
A few more blocks to go and this should be complete. Some of the floral blocks are yet to be 'released' ,but that's reserved for the next post. :) Regarding the work , Iam pretty content with what I've done and learnt till now.It's been a slow but steady process.

This year has been hectic but good...touchwood!!! First, a project on Outlining techniques and now this one.Maintaining a blog and above all your valuable inputs have encouraged me and kept me on track. THANK YOU ALL!!
As the year 2009 ends, Iam starting another venture - embroidery classes at my home. There's only one student at present and its just because of her I've started the classes - since she has been asking for it since the past two years :)
How about you all? What have you accomplished and what do you plan to do in the next year? Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love,luck and sunshine,

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Needle Magazine online - Free resource

Just a quick note to all embroidery enthusiasts...

The Hand Embroidery Network has launched the first issue of Needle Magazine. For anyone who is interested in any form of embroidery,be it traditional or contemporary, this one looks to be a wonderful resource. You can read the first issue of the magazine online here.

I had a quick look at the contents and found some of the articles quite interesting ,especially the history of stumpwork by Grace Lister. Articles on some of the featured artists also make a good read. For those looking out for hands on projects, check out the "12 days of Christmas " embroidered quilt and the Ribbon work scissor case project.

Considering that this is the first issue, the HEN should be commended for their effort. Let us hope the good work becomes even better in the days to come.


Love, luck and sunshine,