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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Peach Blossom-Brazilian Embroidery

I've completed sewing the last of the eight baskets of my BE project.Stems have been stitched with satin stem stitch.The petals,as posted earlier, have been done in detached buttonhole and tacked down with three straight stitches.Center is filled with 10 wrap french knots using fine Glory.The satin stem stitch was new to me,although the method is very simple; go from bottom of the stem to top doing the simple stem stitch and then come back in the other direction repeating stem stitch again.
So, what next? There's one more flower left in the center and the baskets too need to be stitched up.That's for the next post.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Peach Blossom-In Progress

Here's the last basket in the BE kit at its half way stage.Had wanted to put up the picture once the whole thing is done,but with a lot of professional commitments embroidery somehow slipped through the crack.So,this is the present status for all those who are curious about the progress.Some times,I do wonder, is there anyone who comes here regularly? If yes,please leave a comment,I would love to make some friends.
The stitch used is detached buttonhole and as is seen in the pic, the petals are attached only at its base.My next step would be to tack it down with some straight stitches from the center and then fill the center with french knots.I've used NOVA from Edmar and the experience wasn't very pleasing as it was a very heavy one.I do like the detached buttonhole stitch though.Infact,I'd used anchor floss to create flowers with this stitch in my messy little buttonhole/blanket stitch sampler.

If done carefully,this stitch creates a beautiful 3D effect.My peach blossoms hopefully will look prettier when tacked down.
Will post the completed basket soon..

Friday, November 09, 2007

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Did you like this Little Puppy? If yes,here's the link to this cross stich pattern and a whole lot of other free patterns at .Select the pattern you want and click on download.You have to give your email id and you need to have acrobat reader installed to view the chart. While you are there, you can also take time to browse their designer's pool and other segments in their site.They seem to have some pretty designs. If you are good designer yourself,then you too can join their Designer's Pool .

Friday, November 02, 2007

Bossa Nova Rose-Brazilian Embroidery

Another basket in the series.This one's Bossa Nova Rose.Had to do about 10 to 12 bullions for each rose.One rose has come out fine.But the other one has one bullion slightly detached from the rest.I messed up the leaves too.The stitches are not lying flat,but are overlapping each other.Hmm.. should I pull it out?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

How times have changed

Of late , my inbox does not seem to have any new mails .Well, that statement is not exactly true. There are new mails, but, those are from those sites where I've registered as a user . Everyday, I open my various mail accounts with the hope that someone would've written something .Everyday, am disappointed. Why have people stopped writing, I wonder. Have I committed some grave sin which resulted in everyone boycotting me? I ponder about it for a while, naahh...
Memories come flooding back.. back to my college days...
Those days the whole household used to eagerly await the arrival of the postman. My mother used to wait for letters from her parents, my father for letters from his brothers or friends and me for those from my friends. During New year, the wait would be extra special. Everyday, he would come with a bunch of cards. It used to be so wonderful!!
By the time, my Postgraduate course ended, the postal mail had been renamed as snail mail. The once loved postman had been reduced to someone who delivers magazines and the occasional telegrams. But, for us the wait continued and this time it was for Email which was quicker and easier . No need of taking up the pen and paper to jot down the thoughts, just type what ever comes into your mind .Now again, almost 10 years have passed. But, where are the emails???

Back to the present...
I sit down and think - what is the first thing I do when I connect to the Internet? Hmm.. I log on to Orkut. Is Orkut a mail account? No, its an instant messaging and social network
Ha, got it!!! Nowadays, everyone's on to instant messaging. Orkut allows to write scraps that’ll be instantly delivered and you’ll get the reply in the same tone. No one has the time to write mails or to reply to one. Why blame others, I, who’ve been crying about not receiving mails, havenot written one for so long. And even if I write one, some times it takes ages for the recipient to reply. Everyone’s so busy with their own lives.So,where does it leave us ? It leaves us here in the virtual world, spending time in Orkut, in blogging, reading someone else's blogs, reading comments and writing them.
If you are reading this, take time to jot down your thoughts here and may be write a mail to that old friend of yours. Who knows, she may be waiting for yours...