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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cross Stitch Pattern

A cross stitch pattern from The Boys' and girls' companion for leisure hours, ed. by J. and M. Bennett

It is called Coral Pattern Mat. Here's the pic. Click on the image to enlarge or you can view the actual image here

The instructions for stitching are given below the pattern.It says "To be worked on Penelope canvas,in Berlin wool in the regular cross stitch with the exception of the coral,which should be worked in scarlet beads of a size to fill the square of the canvas.

Materials-for ground work and outer border : dark purple

for leaves : three shades of bright green

for inner border: one shade of bright yellow and one shade of bright crimson

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Old Embroidery Patterns

Continuing my search for old patterns in old books,this is what I found today in Google books.

The book is called The Boys' and girls' companion for leisure hours, ed. by J. and M. Bennett .There are just two editions (1857 and 1858)

Have a look at some of the patterns available in the 1857 edition. The first pic is a handerkerchief corner pattern

This is a border pattern

The third pic below is a pattern from the 1858 edition .It is supposed to be for a child's dress.

Those interested can download or read the 1857 edition here and 1858 edition here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brazilian Embroidery-Gerome Daisy

The fourth basket in Ellen's Basket.This one is called Gerome Daisy.

I've used Pistil Stitch for petals,5 wrap french knots for center,15 wrap Bullions for calyx , stem stitch for stems and couching for branches and fine growth.