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Monday, June 04, 2007

Glass painting on a Windowpane

For the past couple of months I've been busy setting up our new home.After 6 years in rented houses,we've finally moved to an our own apartment.Freedom from monthly rentals at last!!!!

The new place is neat enough,but there was one window in the dining area that needed some decking up.The painters had messed up there and the glass was smudged with paint.There was no possibility of opening it and cleaning it coz it was a sealed window,whose sole purpose was to let some sunlight in.Well,today I decided to work on it and this is what I did.

I did some freehand drawing on the glass and painted it with glass colors.Cannot claim that the look has improved as Iam rather poor in drawing. If you look carefully,the smudges can still be seen .There's also the bottom half of the window that's even worse than this.But,that's for another day.


Sowram said...

nice drawing ans nice idea to cover the mess.

nishita said...

hi depa...finally i found an indian who had done glss painting...i recently tried my hand at it...the outlining i did with camel glass liner and the problm is that if it is peeling off like fevicol suggestions??adn what wud be the best paint to use??i bought mrald water based apints and they are tooooo watery...i cant even get thm on a brush....plssss helllppp....thx...nish

triza said...

hi really loved ur work....this glass painting is easily u hav made a glass/window dressed up beautifully...really thanks for the tutorials...